My name is Janne Helewaut. I'm an assistant architect and mother of two children. Beside the unconditional love for my family I also love fashion. Especially kids fashion.

During my search for children's clothing I find it always difficult to find nice, cool and affordable kids clothing. Then I came up with the idea to create clothes and accessories with self designed drawings.

My first geometric drawing was the panda. Because my daughter was such a big fan of the panda I decided to make a cool panda drawing for her with a personal touch. And so it began...

Once I started, there was no stopping me! I started to print my design on clothing. Such fun!

because we love our planet we only work with organic fabrics. 
I especially make kids clothing but also adult sweaters.

I mainly print on items with a neutral color, especially grey and the fabric is always made from organic cotton!. I'm not the type who thinks that a girl should wear pink and a boy blue or green! With this collection I want to demonstrate that neutral colors can be fun too!